On “Hello”



It is a simple word, whose significance is often overlooked. To me, when used, it offers peace and well-meaning to its recipient, and a sort of eager hopefulness for a forthcoming positive experience. There is no need to say more. The word stands on its own, and when properly articulated, opens a door to wonderful possibilities. It is so simple, yet in simplicity lies depth of meaning.

For instance, when coupled with a smile or inviting body language, the same amount of information is present and can be gathered as is taken away from a whole paragraph’s worth of things to say. It is in simplicity that we find kindness and significance, more so than from any large quantity of words that attempt explanation, but fall short due to being rushed, irritated, or agitated by their source’s own preconceptions or suppositions.

And so, I begin this act with a simple greeting.

A blank slate.

A fresh start.

…Hindered by nothing.








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