What is HiNative?

HiNative note

For those who do not know, HiNative is a website and free language learning app available for iOS.  It serves as a medium to connect language learners across the planet for the purpose of asking questions and receiving answers about languages.  For example, if in your studies you come across a sentence you cannot understand, you can post it to HiNative, where one or more native speakers of the language will provide an answer to clarify.

The great thing about HiNative is that it is very active, so usually a reply to your question will come quickly.  The interface is user friendly, and there are a lot of cool features, too.  I recommend downloading this app for iPhone. With the iPhone, the fits-in-your-pocket accessibility can be a godsend during those need-to-know moments.  Also, it ensures you have a record of your query, so you can reference it later.

When posting a question, I recommend using the audio recording feature as well as typing out the question.  The person on the receiving end will have a better chance of being clear on the question if they can both read and listen to it.  Another reason for using the audio feature is that it may prompt the respondent to offer pronunciation advice in addition to the base question.  The more you can learn from the exchange, the better.

At the time of receiving the first response, it is best to wait a while longer for additional answers to come through.  There is a possibility that the first respondent is incorrect about his or her answer to the question.  Therefore, allowing further time for more answers will help to either solidify the original answer as indeed correct, or it will show it as a mistake.  In some cases, respondents from distinct countries or regions may interpret the answer to the question differently.  Waiting for multiple answers is a good method for verifying an accurate answer.

Once you are confident in the answer(s) to your question, be sure to immediately practice using the new information.  Using every opportunity to practice will strengthen your knowledge, until it becomes a part of your linguistic repertoire.

Good luck in your studies!

Thank you for reading.








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